Guidelines to help parents use the online payment procedure, effectively.

Note : Service fee as introduced by the Ministry of Information Technology (MEITY) will be applicable.

1. We have successfully upgraded the website:
2. It is advisable to access the website from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser. All Fee payment may be made online or by cheque.
3. The one time Login ID is the cell-phone number (prefix by 91 followed by the 10 digit mobile number) of the father of the child, and if the number of the father is not available, then it is the cell-phone number of the mother. However, some parents may find it difficult to log-in as they may have a change of number which has not been upgraded in our system. Such parents are requested to communicate with school through email, giving us the cell (mobile) phone number in use.
4. The current Password is set to "null" in lower case. After entering the interface the password  can be changed through the available button "Change Password".
5. In case, parents who have already accessed the website and changed the password face a problem logging in, it could be because of a discrepancy in the password they have actually fed in and the one they are using.
6. In case a parent has forgotten the password the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ button can be used to reset the password. The revised / new password would be received in their personal Email ID which is registered on the school website.
7. Tuition fee for three months is payable every quarter, and must be paid by the 10th of June, September, December and March. Late fee charges will be applicable with effect from the 11th of every quarter. The late fee will be cumulative in case the fee payment is delayed to the next month.
8. All fee cheques should be dropped in the drop box at school ONLY. The cheques will be collected by the bank from school.  Please note that no cheques should be dropped in any drop box, anywhere, other than at school.
9. Parents making cheque payments must ask for the Receipt Id Fee Detail Slip  from school. They will have to first fill in the details in the bank slip and in the Receipt Id Fee Detail Slip  provided by school. The bank slip and the Receipt Id Fee Detail Slip, should then be stapled with the cheque.
10. It is imperative that parents visit the school website, log in through their parent id and type in their cheque details. The “RECEIPT Id NUMBER” generated when filling in the cheque details, has to be mentioned in the Receipt Id Fee Detail Slip. In case this receipt id number or any detail is missing, the cheque will be returned to the parents.
11. In case parents are paying for two or more children through one single cheque, they will have to fill in the same cheque detail in two or more receipts, one for each child.
12. In case parents are making multiple fee payments through one single cheque, (Term, Tuition etc.) they will have to fill in the same cheque detail in two or more receipts, one for each type of payment.
13. In both the above cases, the fee details have to be entered in multiple Receipt Id Fee Detail Slips.
14. Cheques that do not have the bank slip or the Receipt Id Fee Detail Slip for school attached, will not be sent for deposition. They will be returned to the parents. In case we are not able to trace to whom a cheque belongs, the cheque will remain unclaimed at school. The student whose fees were to be paid by such a cheque will appear in the fee defaulters list.
15. Parents who have not updated the cheque details, will fall under the category of ‘unpaid’ and a late fee of Rs 150/- will have to be paid in case the fee payment is delayed beyond the last date for that month.
16. Parents opting for monthly fee payment must pay online.
17. Cheque will not be accepted for fee payment on a monthly basis.
18. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the fee is paid on time, without expecting reminders.
19.    Fee receipt will be auto generated online and parents can take a printout themselves.