In today’s modern world women match steps with men in all spheres. Every girl wants to be treated with respect and dignity. Unfortunately we frequently hear about attacks on women. Thus women need to be trained to face such situations. With this in view a session on Self Defense was held at Nalanda Public School on 5th October 2015 from 1 pm to 4.30 pm. The girls of Std. 8 attended this session conducted by Mr. Joe Rodriguez.

This workshop aimed at teaching various techniques of self defense to the girls in case they were under threat of being attacked. They were taught wrist escape, shoulder escape, collar escape, throat escape and flip. The girls were also taught to escape when tied with a rope. They were taught the importance of three ‘S’ i.e. Suppleness, Strength and Stamina. They were also trained to deal with knife attacks.

It was an interactive session and all the girls enjoyed it. At the same time they learnt a lot from it. The workshop instilled confidence in the girls that if they decide to do something with full determination they can achieve success.