SPIC MACAY seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of this rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts, with their attendant legends, rituals, mythology and philosophy and to facilitate an awareness of their deeper and subtler values.


LEC-DEMS (Lecture Demonstrations)

Indian Classical Music and Dance are crucial components in the annual SPIC MACAY calendar, & add sparkle to it. Held all over India in the first half of the academic year, Lec Dems provide the stage for an informal interaction between the students and artistes, and help to create & fine-tune a future audience. Here the artistes demonstrate the art forms with the help of explanations, thereby, making their art form easily comprehensible. The rapport thus created helps the student develop a wholesome understanding of not only the art form but also the artiste as a practitioner of a certain way of life.

FESTS (The Festival)

Fest concerts- held in the latter half of the academic year, are formal presentations of classical music and dance. The aim of this series is to inspire the student community with the ‘real thing’ which will be sustained as they attend more Lec Dems and baithaks. The FEST series also provides the students an opportunity to witness several young and upcoming artistes perform along with the senior artistes


Brings with it nostalgia of the traditional ‘Upasak-Rasik’ relationship It is held in informal settings with a limited audience. The performer earns the invaluable ‘Daad’ from a connoisseur audience, while the latter get an opportunity to steep themselves in the creative ‘Rasa’-a sacred experience indeed.


A week long festival comprising performances and workshops in folk and classical arts, literature, crafts, talks, theatre, cinema and yoga held in different educational institutions. It aims at close interaction between students, artistes and craftsmen.


SPIC MACAY organizes inspiring talks by enlightened individuals from various walks of life. They may be anything as varied as talks on art, environment, philosophy, development, spirituality, literature and the folk arts.


A potent yet greatly neglected form of inner growth, Yoga, is fostered in SPIC MACAY’s Yoga Camps conducted by authentic yogacharyas. Holistic camps are live in camps, where students and others stay for a given period of time away from their hum-drum routine to experience another way of living focused on simplicity, good health and spiritual training. Such an experience leaves one more centered at peace with oneself and the world at large.


While the movement lays greater stress on the classical forms, it simultaneously recognizes the multitude of folk arts and crafts of our country. Therefore, with a view to exposing students to these, SPIC MACAY encourages programme through individual events of Folk Fests and Craft Workshops.